The German world record driver Rainer Zietlow plan to set a new long-distance world record on the longest road of the world, the Pan-Americana Highway, which stretches more than 16.000 miles (22500 km) through 14 countries from Alaska to Argentina. In less than 11 days and 17 hours Rainer Zietlow and his team aim to break their own world record on the Panamericana from 2011 in a Volkswagen Touareg.

The car of the German adventurer will be a standard Volkswagen Amarok V6 with 224 hp produced at Volkswagen Argentina. The only modification is an additional fuel tank of 120 liters. The experienced driver team will start on May 8, 2019 from Ushuaia/Argentina to Deadhorse/Alaska to deliver a present for the sister city relationship of both cities. 14-th of June 2019, Rainer Zietlow and team will start the world recordattempt from Alaska to Argentina by crossing the Darien Jungle between Panama und Colombia in a scheduled cargo plane as the Panamericana is interrupted between these both countries. 

Rainer Zietlow’s new Panamericana world record drive will be supported by renowned partners such as Volkswagen Argentina, Michelin/Pylon, Shell, TMD Friction, Volkswagen Accessories, Borbet and Kuehne + Nagel. 

Since 2005 Rainer Zietlow supports the international organization “SOS Children`s Villages” with his projects. For each driven kilometer he will donate during his world record drive 15 Euro Cents for a SOS Children’s Village in Goioere/Brazil, which he is going to visit during the scout tour.