Amarok V6

Made for the toughest terrain, the Amarok V6 knows how to get the job done. The 3.0 litre Turbo Diesel V6 Engine in Comfortline variants offer 165kW. That surges to an impressive 180kW with Overboost feature engaged and 550Nm of torque. 

The always-on 4x4 system on the V6 Comfortline utilises a Torsen differential to distribute optimal power between all four wheels. With a 40:60, front to rear power distribution, the Amarok V6 shines on all road surfaces.

From steep hills to snaking creeks, the Amarok V6 can master extremely challenging terrain. It has an impressive approach angle of 28° and a departure angle of 23.6°, as well as a wading depth of up to 500mm. Plus, strong protection under the vehicle ensures the Amarok V6 can forge a safe path.